Doom Raiders DVD available to buy!!

October 19, 2008

Doom Raiders DVD coverWell who would have guessed it? Finally, Doom Raiders is now available for pre-order on a number of sites, including, and WHSmith online (Just search for Doom Raiders on their sites!)

Sales of our great spoof adventure will help us make our next film, so tell your friends and buy one! NO, Buy two! No, BUY THEM ALL!!

After all this time, this is a great step for BYP, and we are all mega-chuffed. Who would have thought that after so many years of hard work and fun, we finally have one of our films for sale commercially, fully BBFC rated and everything!!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our distribution company Entain8 (part of Alten8) who helped make this DVD release possible.

Doom Raiders Village

August 29, 2008

Paramali village was abandoned during the Cyprus troubles. Since then it has been used as a training ground for British Forces. Working closely with the Army, we were able to use the location for a weekend. This meant dressing the sets on Friday night, filming Saturday and Sunday, and clearing the location on the Sunday night. [Read more]

Doom Raiders – Jungle – Scene 2

August 29, 2008

Just outside of Limassol near the huge salt lake is a tree plantation that was ideally suited for a jungle scene. This gallery is of just one of 7 locations used for the jungle sequence.

Aug 18 – Sc 2

Aug 19 – Sc 2

Doom Raiders Monastery – Sc 15 – 24 Oct

August 29, 2008

Doom Raiders Kouros Dam – 23 Oct – Sc 14

August 29, 2008

With the help of the Cypriot National Guard, Kouros Dam was used during the truck chase. When the soldier is waving at the trucks to stop, he is actually shouting a football chant in Greek!

Doom Raiders – Tomb of the Kings

August 29, 2008

Tomb of the Kings was actually a burial place for ordinary citizens, not kings. The tombs made excellent sets for the release of Sevenseas and the map room. Each set was then dressed to make it specific to our story.

Doom Raiders Helicopters

August 29, 2008

For the truck chase and helicopter lift, we had to film on a day, time and location that the helicopters would be flying in. Working closely with 84 Squadron of the Royal Air Force it was very important that the RAF was not flying extra hours just for us; we had to coincide our shoot with their timetable. We agreed a plan and used the shoot as a training exercise for the helicopter crews. As a search and rescue squadron the helicopters frequently have to fly very slowly alongside ships to winch people to safety. The trucks made a great simulation without having to go out to sea and organise a real boat! the second helicopter was on routine forest-fire patrol which allowed us to film a nice shot of the other helicopter from the air.

Oct 22 – Convoy

Oct 22 – Crew

Oct 22 – Wessex

Doom Raiders Posters and Graphics

August 29, 2008

Doom Raiders Premiere

August 29, 2008

Doom Raiders – Bar – Oct 14 – Sc 3

August 29, 2008

This was a real bar located at RAF Akrotiri. We were lucky enough to have real dancers from Limassol to add to the authenticity of the set.

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