John Williams Scores with Star Wars Dialogue… Acapella

November 13, 2008

Acapella song combining the dialogue of Star Wars with the the scores of John Williams (i.e. not just Star Wars, but E.T., Jaws, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones etc.). The song was originally written and recorded by a vocal group called Moosebutter, and this lip sync video made by Corey Vidal has been very popular recently.

Please check out their website, with many more clever fun acapella tracks. At the moment, there’s a great Harry Potter one on their homepage, to the tune of Pretty Woman!

If you want to listen to more of their stuff, you can on their site (they say radio quality, but it’s pretty good), or support them by buying them in CD quality. There is also a page with all the lyrics too, so if you want to learn a song and lip-sync your own YouTube video :p  you can.

Seriously, they’re very good. Great harmonies and clever lyrics. I’d like to see a video of them performing the track!