Doom Raiders Helicopters

August 29, 2008  

For the truck chase and helicopter lift, we had to film on a day, time and location that the helicopters would be flying in. Working closely with 84 Squadron of the Royal Air Force it was very important that the RAF was not flying extra hours just for us; we had to coincide our shoot with their timetable. We agreed a plan and used the shoot as a training exercise for the helicopter crews. As a search and rescue squadron the helicopters frequently have to fly very slowly alongside ships to winch people to safety. The trucks made a great simulation without having to go out to sea and organise a real boat! the second helicopter was on routine forest-fire patrol which allowed us to film a nice shot of the other helicopter from the air.

Oct 22 – Convoy

Oct 22 – Crew

Oct 22 – Wessex


One Response to “Doom Raiders Helicopters”

  1. Christopher on November 2nd, 2018 5:56 am

    Just a pointless comment – the link to Doom Raiders on the front page here leads to a 404-Page Not Found.

    Just seen the Drift on YouTube – excellent movie. Great sets, I followed the story fine and I think the shakycam worked excellently for it, giving a feeling of action and drama. And the actors were so natural in how they said their lines, I’ve heard many sound like they’re reading from cue-cards for the first time in independent movies. I think it could’ve had cinema release. But that’s the problem in this country, we can make the movies, we can’t get them distributed which to me is a crock of….!! We need a distribution company that JUST does PROPER British movies, NOT British-backed-with-someone-elses-money movies.

    Thanks for a great 90 minutes (that’s what she said to me last night…..!! :-D)


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