THE DRIFT is Backyard Productions’ latest venture. A completely original Sci Fi adventure set 100 years from now…

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After the catastrophic Dark Wave damaged every faster-than-light crystal, leaving thousands of ships stranded and drifting, a small salvage vessel arrives at a spaceship graveyard. But the crew soon discover that not everything on this Drift is dead, and as the objective changes from salvage to survival, it emerges that one crew member has a secret agenda…

As part of the Backyard Production core values, THE DRIFT has been produced with the help of volunteers and media graduates with budget of only £5000 ($8000). “The Drift is a test, a full movie but a test.” says Darren Scales, producer and director. ” I wanted to see if after our previous parody movies, that this time, we could create something truly original. We have really gone all out to make this a massive movie with a micro-budget! That is the biggest challenge: creating an original story with that immersive movie look with next to no funding – but I think we have done it. Now in the post-production phase, I have no doubt that THE DRIFT is going to be something really special”

Set in a chaotic, corrupt and desperate universe created by Darren Scales, THE DRIFT introduces what is planned to become a continuing franchise with more adventures, twists and turns to come! “I have some very big plans for the Drift Universe – this is just the beginning!”

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