About Us

BYP LogoBackyard Productions is an amateur film production company based in the UK. We have members all over the country and have made a variety of films, sketches, and audio-only productions through the years. We are probably best known for our Star Wars Fanfilms, which are featured on TheForce.Net, although we have made other movies.

We originally formed as a group of teenagers making short sketches with camcorders in the ‘back yard’ but as time has passed, our productions have increased in scale and (we like to think) professionalism. We are pretty much self taught, and have learned a great deal from our mistakes and successes along the way.

We like to get all sorts of people from the local communities involved when we undertake a production, and give people with no previous film making experience the opportunity to get involved in whatever way they like. Our company is about inclusion, learning from and teaching each other along the way, and most importantly about enjoying the experience.

Our films are not made for money. Especially where copyright is involved, we do not even cover our costs – the company is funded entirely by its core members. Occasionally we might make a charity collection at our premieres, but entrance is always free! We also do our best to make sure anyone can see our films. There are clips and trailers available to watch on YouTube, and we are also using BitTorrent technology to distribute full DVD images that you can burn to disc yourself.