As of summer 2008, Backyard Productions has made five full length features, and BYP members have been involved with many other film and video productions. Each film has been very different, although they have all been spoofs / fanfilms. Our earlier works; “Geriatric Park” and “Batman Returns Forever” may be a little rough around the edges, but they still have a special place in our hearts. Our later productions ; “Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Backyard” (aka TESBY), “Doom Raiders” and “Star Wars – The Emperor’s New Clones” (aka TENCLO), were much grander productions, often involving months of editing, post production and special effects work, not to mention the thousands of man hours given to set building.

Geriatric Park LogoGeriatric Park was our first full length feature film. Based on the box office smash “Jurassic Park” and made in 1993. We learned a lot making this film, and you might notice that some of the characters go on to bigger and better things in subsequent productions. We like to think of this film as definitive, and one of our funniest – and we all have fond memories of making it, even if we can’t believe how young we all look!

Batman Returns Forever LogoBatman Returns Forever was our second full length film. A sequel to Geriatric Park, spoofing many other films, not least the Batman series. We have been working on special editions of Geriatric Park and Batman Returns Forever, and this is one film that will need some trimming – the original cut was nearly two-and-a-half hours long!

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackyardStar Wars: Episode II – The Empire Strikes Backyard is a spoof story based upon George Lucas’s phenomenally successful Star Wars, which we were inspired to make soon after the release of The Phantom Menace. We have also made a short “mockumentary” giving a comical insight into how Episode II might have been made. The gags should appeal to both Star Wars fans and those who are not fortunate enough to have seen these marvellous films. The story is cliche but the special effects are superb – especially since the film cost less than £1000 to make.

Doom Raiders Landscape PosterDoom Raiders is a parody based on all those classic action adventure films like The Mummy, The Jewel of the Nile and of course, the Indiana Jones Trilogy! Bigger and better than any of our previous film projects, it includes both custom sets and location filming, improved casting and a gripping story! A complete departure from the closed-set style of filming on TESBY, this was filmed in Cyprus!

For our fifth and most recent production, we returned to the Star Wars universe with Star Wars Episode III – The Emperor’s New Clones. Our biggest and most ambitious production, with multi-story sets, fabulous costumes and mind-blowing special effects. We had a blast making this movie, although it was very had work right up to the premiere, but it all paid off – it has received significant attention and acclaim, both in the fanfilm community and in mainstream media.


Movies are our mainstay (although not exclusively), and our motto is: “Making FilmMaking Fun” i.e. we like to make films, and we like to have fun doing it!

Are we making any more? … Of course we are! Watch this space…


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