The Drift raises £1000 for charity

April 1, 2015

Daz giving the donation to the RAF Waddington Charities FundThe money raised by The Drift has been donated to the RAF Waddington Charities Fund. Thanks to everyone has taken part in the project, and everyone that has bought DVDs, posters and watched online! Making the movie a success was a huge achievement in itself, but it’s great to see money going to good causes as a result, too.

You can read about it in the Lincolnshire Echo.

Speaking on behalf of the charities committee, Flight Lieutenant Guy Roscoe said: “We are delighted to accept an out of this world £1,000 donation from Squadron Leader Darren Scales and his Movie The Drift.”

Buy THE DRIFT Poster

February 3, 2015

You can now buy a large A1 high-quality poster of The Drift!

There are three designs to choose from – make your selection before hitting the ‘Buy Now’ Paypal button.

The cost is £12.49 (that includes £2.50 P&P in the UK; please allow 7 days delivery in UK), and you can pay using paypal (there’s no need to set up an account.)

Design 1

Drift Poster Scarlett

Design 2

Drift Poster Scarlett Brighter No Text-SMALL

Design 3

Deliverance Poster

Review of The Drift’s score, by Soundtrack Geek

January 8, 2015

The Soundtrack Geek has reviewed The Drift’s score. And it’s a fantastic review!

Here’s a taste:

It is a very dark affair, dark as space itself. It’s a horror sci-fi so I expected nothing else. Opening Sequence “Darkwave” starts with a deep and dark synth, the dark brass sound is pushing forward and so I’m surprised when a beautiful piano motif starts playing at 0:24. It’s minimalistic and beautiful. When the flute hits at 0:50 I get goosebumps. This is really great stuff, both atmospheric and melodic. Strings starts playing and it’s all good, but where’s the terror? In the middle, around 2:20, the brass is back and it is building up very slowly and it hits some quite heroic strings accompanied by the reverberating piano. This is gorgeous. Love it.

Read the full review at

Download the full score on iTunes now!

Buy The Drift on DVD

December 10, 2014

Drift DVD Premiere Edition front

Sorry, The Drift is no longer available to buy on DVD.

The Drift on ITV News

December 8, 2014

ITV News have done a feature on The Drift! It’s a long one, too!

You can watch it online at

Watch The Drift online – pre order now

November 30, 2014

From December 16 you can watch The Drift in the comfort of your own home. Pre order now on Vimeo.

All proceeds are going to charities through the RAF Waddington Charities Committee.


See The Drift at the cinema

November 30, 2014

The Ritz Cinema and Theatre in Lincoln is showing The Drift every day this week! Tickets are £2 and the proceeds are all going to charity.

So, get your ticket, grab some popcorn, and experience The Drift at the cinema!


The Drift Trailer

November 24, 2014

The Drift Trailer

Here it is. The highly anticipated trailer for The Drift. Enjoy. DEEP SPACE, DARK SECRETS…. A salvage vessel arrives at a spaceship graveyard, but its crew soon discover that some things on this Drift are still alive – and hungry. Twenty years after the catastrophic Dark Wave damaged every... [Read more]

Midlands Movies

November 24, 2014

Midlands Movies have done a feature on The Drift.

The Drift featured in The Lincolnite

November 24, 2014

The Licolnite were the first to publish news of The Drift’s Premiere, being held in Lincoln in just a few weeks.

Check out the story, at