Drift Doc-Make up Special

December 11, 2011

Join Tom, Abi and their victim Borris, as they test make up options for the Drift…

The Drift Announcement

October 2, 2011

Executive Bully, Darren Scales, introduces our latest project! [Read more]

Get involved in The Drift

September 25, 2011

After almost  20 years of making spoofs, Backyard Productions is now embarking on its first original feature length movie The Drift.  A Sci-Fi action horror (12 Cert) set deep in space in a starship graveyard.

The film will be shot mostly on set in Lincoln in February March 2012, although building has already begun. We are now looking for volunteers to lend their skills to help, teach and inspire our production group.  [Read more]

The Calico Sequence – Ain’t no Sunshine

October 22, 2008

The Calico SequenceAs some of you may know, I have an interest in singing, recording and mixing vocals / music. I’ve always enjoyed singing, from being in the choir at school, to good old karaoke nights down the pub, but recording wise, I’m just starting out over the past couple of years. Now I have a place of my own again, I’m keen to set up a little home studio (very basic!) and resume recording. I thought I’d share a track with you that I worked on in collaboration with an old housemate, Edward Clark. He’s a budding music maker, with a number of great tracks online. You can find his work / album / latest updates at The Calico Sequence website, and also on MySpace. We worked together on this particular track, the vocals were taken from a cover recording I made a couple of years ago, which were remixed with Edward’s backing, which I think gives the track a great contemporary feel. If you’ve already heard it, please accept my apologies – I hope to have more tracks soon!

Ain’t no Sunshine – featuring Ed Hollingsbee (MP3 direct link)

Please bear in mind that I am not a professional vocalist. I sing because I enjoy it, not because I hope to make a career out of it! Having said that, I do aspire to improve both the vocals and the recording production. Constructive comments welcomed!!

A little bit about the Blog section of the BYP site:

In setting up this ‘blog’, we intended for it to be a small corner of the website where the members of Backyard Productions would have the opportunity to present some of their more personal opinions, events, news and work that does not fall under the auspices of ‘official’ Backyard Productions business. It is meant to enrich the BYP site, providing a broader range of more dynamic content for our visitors and encouraging wider community participation. We hope you enjoy seeing a more diverse side to the people that make up the company! Our eventual goal is that more BYP members will post here regularly.

Please bear in mind that the opinions posted here do not necessarily represent the official ‘position’ of Backyard Productions.

TESBY – Filming

August 29, 2008