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September 25, 2011  

After almost  20 years of making spoofs, Backyard Productions is now embarking on its first original feature length movie The Drift.  A Sci-Fi action horror (12 Cert) set deep in space in a starship graveyard.

The film will be shot mostly on set in Lincoln in February March 2012, although building has already begun. We are now looking for volunteers to lend their skills to help, teach and inspire our production group. 

Whilst we have our own limited amount of expertise and resources, we are looking for assistance in almost every area required in the production of an action blockbuster – simply to make it as good as we can!  With a budget of around £3000 we need all the help we can get!

Writers – screenplay writers, advisors anyone who has a knack for storytelling!

Makeup – blood, broken bones,  zombie faces, radiation burns, stab wounds, impalements

Miniatures – allowing us to chroma key into big set pieces!

Production Design – 3 starships (space liner, cargo ship and a salvage vessel)  all from Earth.

Set builders – joiners, electricians, plastic vacuum formers.

Visual Effects – bangs, blood and sparks!

Costume – space suits,  helmets, ragged clothes, space marines

Props – guns, skulls, cargo boxes, improvised weapons, cross bow etc…

Camera operators / DoP – currently shooting on Sony EX1 and DSLR for filmy super-sharp images, with super-soft backdrops.


Below are the production dates where there will be activity on set.  It is not expected for volunteers to be there for every event; just being here when you can is GREAT!

  • Jan 7/8 — Set Arrangement Weekend
  • Jan 14/15 — Set dressing
  • Jan 28/29 — Tech testing and set dressing
  • Feb 4/5 — Tech testing and set dressing
  • Feb 11/12 — Cast rehearsals
  • Feb 11-19 — Final set build
  • Feb 25/26 — Cast rehearsals
  • Mar 3-18 — Principal Photography
  • Mar 24/25 — Pick-ups
  • Mar 27 – Apr 1 — Set clearing

The calendar below has all the production events for The Drift. If you use Google Calendar, you can add it to your other calendars by clicking the +Google Calendar button.


We have released a set of tech and equipment ‘demo’ videos, as a resource for preparing to for on-set production. As painful as it might be, to see Daz giving a “QVC demo”, it is highly recommended that you watch them to get a good idea how to use the kit. There will not be time on set to start from scratch!

Keep up to speed with production by watching the Driftcasts diaries and minidocs. If you’re looking at a future in movie/video production, take note of the lessons learned in making a real production on a teeny budget.

Food, accommodation and transport.

We cannot pay travel and accommodation costs – all our money goes into the elements we simply have to pay for – set, kit, insurance, food.

We will feed you when you are on set. We will do our best to accommodate you in our homes or tents.  I am hoping to secure some deals with local B&Bs and hotels to get you discounts on rooms.  Where we can, we will provide car share and liaise with other volunteers to car share. We can arrange transport to pick you up from Lincoln train Station (now has direct trains from London… sometimes)

Benefits for working with Backyard Productions

  • Great for networking with like minded people that actually MAKE films
  • Experience of working on a large set
  • Shooting on Broadcast quality cameras
  • Working on a feature length production rather than a short.
  • Making a production with a wide target audience suitable for most ages.
  • Access to the entire film and documentary rushes for showreel, and self promotion purposes.

Everyone involved gets a copy of the film and full access to the rushes, documentary and stills for their own promotion.  We will publicise our work as much as possible: not just at the end, but during the entire process.   Every major project we have undertaken has been featured on both national and local TV, and even in Japan – just check out our showreel!

Then, of course, is the Charity Premiere where we celebrate in style, black tie and all the pomp you want!  Better still, all the money made on the night goes to great causes! Typically we raise between £2000-£3000.

Why us?

Simply put, we finish what we start, and quickly.  Typically our films are completed within 18 months of starting; we do not hang about!  We have a proven track record of completing a wide range of productions. We may not have much money, but we do make movies!

If you think you might like to get involved, email me now! I bet you get a personal reply from me within the hour!


One Response to “Get involved in The Drift”

  1. Simon J Rhodes on February 10th, 2012 8:03 pm

    Hi There, Fantastic! Judging by the stills your outfit is more professional than some of the so-called “Professional” companies I’ve worked for (No Names mentioned ‘Cromwell Films’) If you need a costume assistant who can make stuff on the cheap I’m happy to oblige. (I work for free!) I’ve also had more than a little involvement in prop making (Nearly fifteen years as a re-enactment kit adviser). Plus working as a technical author I pride myself on my authentic Communications discepline and technobabble. I also bake! Best regards, Simon J Rhodes.

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