Backyard Productions Showreel

September 10, 2011

New Logo…New website…New LAUNCH!

August 28, 2008

Yes, finally after years (and I mean YEARS) of nagging, Ed has (with a little help from his new padawan Matt) updated the website!

Now you will be able to view our films, photos, blogs and features with just a few clicks. What more, is now YOU can get involved too! is all about the amateur filmmaking and fanfilm community! So if you want to comment, login or simply look at how we made our films, this is the place!

There is still some work to do, but Ed and Matt are working flat out, well not quite flat out, more like working hard, well not that hard, Ed and Matt said they might do a bit more to the site soon. Well actually Darren the Executive Bully told them to do some more soon.

Anyway, keep coming back or better still subscribe to our mailing list or click on the RSS feed on the top right of our home page and we will tell you when the site has been updated!

Enjoy the site!