2nd edit of The Drift is complete

August 4, 2012  

Post production continues to progress at a good pace. The second edit has been completed, which means the scripted story is put in place, and it’s time to get more creative with the next edit. Daz and Sue are discussing the story, and how the mood, characters and plot should develop, based on the material we captured. Daz will be getting input from other editors to get ideas of ways to chop it up, to achieve that pacing.

Daz has also edited in some temp-tracks for the score, using existing material. We have a few guys producing bits of score based on that direction.

The VFX gang is moving forward well. The virtual Deliverance is mostly built; next it will be textured (i.e. ‘painted’), and rigged (given moving parts).

They have also been building dozens of other ships to form the drift of derelict ships.

So! Lots is happening, and lots still to do.


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