August 26, 2010  

Backyard Productions has a new studio

This weekend, Backyard Productions moved into its new studio in Waddington, Lincolnshire. We now have our own functional studio complete with lighting, chroma key, camera monitor and most importantly, a kettle!

The bare concrete structure with no windows had previously been used by the local theatre club as a store room, so a team of volunteers came along for shifting, boxing and labelling to make it all work.

There wasn’t enough room to do this all inside. On a typically windy then rainy then sunny then rainy again summer afternoon, things had to be taken outside and then logically arranged. There wasn’t a great deal of space to pivot, as there was a concrete wall opposite the door, leaving only a narrow passage a metre wide. But the building made things easy for us too.

Each corner now has its own purpose: the green-screened main studio corner, the costume and props corner, the lighting and sound corner and most crucial of all, the kitchen and refreshments corner.  Most items are on themed trolleys, which can be brought with us on location as required. But there are further enhancements to come: the ceiling is high enough to have a scaffolding platform put in and suspending costumes has also been suggested.

Watch this space… and you certainly will when you see our next movie.


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