Trailer shoot is underway

September 2, 2009  

Darren gives direction to the Ugly Sisters The script/song writing, tech tests, set/prop building and costume acquiring/modifying all came together on 27 August when BYP began filming the concept trailer for Cinders.

09-08-27-29-Studio-Filming-18517-prince-and-cinders-ball-250wideBYP were thrilled with the number of volunteer extras and crew that endured so much; everyone involved has done an amazing job! The talent and commitment of the actors has proven invaluable in bringing the characters to life.

Executive Bully of BYP, Darren Scales enjoyed a more hands off approach during filming, compared to previous projects. It could have appeared he wasn’t actually doing anything! But in fact he oversaw all the elements of film making – making sure Nick Loven, his Director of Photography, knew what he wanted to see onscreen, and giving the actors input on how to portray the characters.

So far, BYP have filmed at Lincoln University’s TV studio, Sundown Adventure Land, and Ashby Hall. The select few that have been invited are very excited about the final filming weekend, in Pinewood Studios…

09-08-27-29-Studio-Filming-18576-tinkerbloke-looking-up-250wideAt Lincoln University, excellent use was made of the space and abundant blue screen (although that did mean Buttons had to wear a more purple shade of blue). Mark Scales and Dom Gilvary set up a recording studio to capture all the singing for the trailer. Everyone contributed their voice (multiple times) for the choruses.

The staff and guests at Sundown Adventure Land were very accommodating, allowing BYP to capture great exterior shots, including the big opening song and dance number. There was an extraordinary number of extras and crew, ready with costumes and dance moves. They all did a fantastic job and filled the locations, allowing for wide expansive shots.

Ed Hollingsbee, Dom, Nick and Ash Pay experimented with a number of special effects to create new illusions. We have the footage now, and it’s down to the VFX team to put the shots together with each other and computer generated visual effects to bring the vision to the screen.

09-09-05-Sundown-Filming-23399-group-infrontof-old-cottage-550Cinders has been an opportunity for BYP to continue to push production values, sets and costumes to new highs. However, the depth of the story and quality of acting in Cinders are the key factors that are now taking BYP beyond parody. The whole gang are very excited about the footage recorded so far. There’s massive contrast of funny moments and very dramatic moments. It’s full of the classic BYP magic, but with something extra this time!



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