Cinders plot-line production meeting

June 15, 2009  

Backyard Productions have had some important meetings and the plan for the Cinders production is starting to come together.

The story for the film is developing rapidly. We have had our first plot-line production meeting in which the characters of the story went through many transformations. We’ve come up with a cracking story, but it’s certain to be turned on its head a few more times before the final script is produced.

We’re discovering many challenges in transferring the traditional story to a movie in the style we want to achieve. We’ve had plenty of interesting discussion identifying the important elements of the traditional story, what works in film, how panto typically compares to film and particularly how to make our story interesting without ruining the traditional story.

Auditions for the major roles are coming up, and the filming schedule is almost figured out. If you’re interested in getting involved please contact us.


One Response to “Cinders plot-line production meeting”

  1. Hertz van Hyre on June 29th, 2009 10:01 pm

    So Stone, I see you haf finally updated your website, at last you haf moved on. I note that out takes from the movie “Doom Raiders” has been shown on You Tube, vhat I want to know is vhere is my copy that you promised, typical is all I can say. Do not upset me Stone, you may recall that those Richard and Judy people did not mention me during your interview…where are they now, I haf important contacts you know. I suppose I haf to vish you good luck in your new project and my best vishes to all those persons who vere in my film.

    van Hyre

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