TENCLO Torrent available as .ISO image

February 22, 2009  

Firstly, please excuse the technical nature of this post. If you are familiar with bittorrent, DVD images and DVD burning, read on…. if not – no worries!!

I’ve been aware for a while now that although we’ve offered TENCLO as a DVD image download through bittorrent, this has been an .NRG file, which not everyone is able to burn, as it it a Nero specific DVD image. Probably because we were so keen to make the DVD image available, we used the first DVD image ‘creator’ that came to hand, even if this is not the most compatible.

I also had an email from a very helpful chap called Dan Floyd, who offered to host an image of the TENCLO DVD through his website at http://www.kuatengineer.webs.com/ On reflection, and Dan’s prompting, it seems far more preferable to use an .ISO image for the DVD which should be burnable by just about anyone as it is not platform or software specific.

So the DVD is now available to download in a number of ways. Pick the one that best suits your needs. If you are a bittorrent user on Macintosh or Windows, and if you are willing to help seed the DVD image, then please use one of our bittorrent links: either the TENCLO DVD IMAGE (.NRG) or the TENCLO DVD IMAGE (.ISO). Alternatively, if your upstream bandwidth is limited or capped and you’d rather go for a straight download of a TENCLO DVD .ISO, then please head on over to Dan’s site at http://www.kuatengineer.webs.com/

Not only does Dan offer TENCLO for download as a DVD image, but you can also get a DVD image of TESBY from his site too. I’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Dan for the use of his bandwidth and publicity, and, of course, for his efforts in promoting and preserving many other great Star Wars Fanfilms.

I’d also like to point out that as the ISO torrent is fairly new, there are quite a lot of seeders at the moment, so now is the time to take the plunge and download it – keep the swarm going!

Photography by Cati Kaoe via Flickr.


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