TENCLO Pickup Weekend

September 29, 2008  

As with all big movies, it is normal practice to bring the cast and crew together again to shoot extra scenes or re-shoot things that did not come out as planned during principal photography. Well TENCLO is no different and in November 2005, the team returned to Lincoln for a weekend of filming and sound work.

” We set out for quite a relaxing couple of days”, said Darren Scales, director of TENCLO. The schedule was about half the workload we set for a day of filming during principal photography back in August. But obviously we are a bit out of practice as it wasn’t long before we were exhausted!”

Pick ups normally cover a variety of scenes, so the crew must make ready a whole variety of set pieces and blue screens. “We are filming shots for over 6 scenes today”, said Mark Scales (Anakin Skywalker and Visual Effects supervisor). It is taking a long time just to prepare a shot!

The Pick up weekend also provided a great opportunity for the Computer visual effects team to meet up and exchange notes. “There is a massive number of computer effects in this film.” said Darren. “When I first wrote the story, I did not expect to get the whole thing filmed. Normally in amateur film, you have to make compromises right form the outset, but with TENCLO, every set was built, every costume made. Now we have the daunting task of actually turning that hard work into reality!…”


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