Beach Patrol DVD available via Bittorrent

September 30, 2008  

Beach Patrol on BittorrentYou can now download burnable DVD goodness of Beach Patrol via Bittorrent! Just download the .torrent file below and open in your favourite Bittorrent client.

The DVD comes as a VIDEOTS file, which you can burn to a DVD, to enjoy in the comfort of your living room. Alternatively, pop the Beach Patrol Folder into your Mac’s Movies folder and you will be able to access the DVD straight from your harddrive through Front Row. There’s a Preview.jpg file there too.



Just one small note – as I have only just started seeding this torrent from scratch, please give it a chance to get going, before complaining about how slow it is! Along the same lines, if you can afford even just a little bandwidth, please keep seeding once your download is complete.

Many thanks, and Enjoy!


One Response to “Beach Patrol DVD available via Bittorrent”

  1. Executive Bully on October 2nd, 2008 10:53 am

    Great News! Just make sure you can swim!…

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