“Making TENCLO” Documentary Completed!

December 20, 2006  

We have now completed the full-length documentary of the Making of The Emperor’s New Clones. ‘Making TENCLO’ follows the BYP team from April 2005 right up to and including the World Charity Premiere on 9 September 2006! Lasting over 2½ hours, it covers every aspect of the production including measuring up the soundstage location, television interviews, the filming of subsequently deleted scenes and some hi-jinx activities!!

Throughout there are subtitles detailing what is happening on screen as well as picture-in-picture TENCLO shots allowing the viewer to see the final shots at the same time!

‘Making TENCLO’ is broken down as follows:


Set building Costumes Technical prep Lightsaber rehearsals

Principal Photography

A Day-by-day account of the entire 2-week filming period.


Pick-up weekend Voice dubbing Visual Effects production Screen tests reviews singing?

And of course, the World Premiere!

This documentary was primarily aimed for those who were involved with the making of TENCLO and fans who want to know EVERYTHING about it! A shorter version is due for release in the New Year.

For more details email me at daz@bypuk.com or pm me!


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