Beach Patrol – Complete Movie

October 29, 2008

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backyard – Complete Movie

October 29, 2008

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Backyard, aka TESBY.

Batman Returns Forever Trailer

October 27, 2008

Backyard Productions’ second full length film, completed in December 1995. This was the first time Backyard Productions ever used a tripod, mic boom and script. We’ve come a long way since this!!

The Empire Strikes Backyard Trailer

October 26, 2008

It’s brilliant.

TENCLO Battle of The Heroes Music Video

October 26, 2008

In the great tradition of the Star Wars prequels, Backyard Productions has produced its own ‘Battle of the Heroes’ music video, showing making of documentary clips, as well as previously unreleased footage from the film itself. The video can be seen on YouTube here.

Fanfilms Documentary Released

October 5, 2008

At last, FANFILMS – What are they all about?… has been released!!!

As part of his Masters Degree in Media Production, BYP’s Executive Bully, Darren Scales, has produced a unique 30 minute documentary on Fanfilms. Darren has interviewed fanfilm makers, professionals from the creative industry and media academics. Darren explores the world of fanfilm making, why people do it and what it is that drives the media’s interest in it. With some colourful and personal accounts from those involved in making fanfilms, including The Emperor’s New Clones, this documentary will appeal to all!

Check out the documentary’s page to watch the whole 30 minutes