Drift Diary 9 August 2013

Executive Bully Darren Scales steps AWAY from the computers and goes back to basics when it comes to looking after his VFX crew…

See bypuk.com/movies/drift/ for more information.


3 Responses to “Drift Diary 9 August 2013”

  1. John Callaghan on August 13th, 2013 4:05 am

    You must be looking forward to Adobe’s subscription service. Obviously disadvantages to it but at least once all your team do it you’ll just pay your monthly fee and then all automatically have the up to date versions and sing from the same hymn sheet! Looking forward to seeing the final product (long term fan of BYP).

  2. Andres Arosemena on August 13th, 2013 8:11 pm

    Hi Daz, glad to be a part of your VFX team for “The Drift”.

  3. M. Strain Jr. on August 17th, 2013 6:47 am

    I am really looking forward to Drift. I’ve been watching you all since Raiders and TESBY.

    I love the passion you have for your movies, and it inspires me in my own art of writing. You guys are great! =)

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